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AZ 7798 CO2 Temperature RH Data logger

7798 AZ

CO2 Recorder

Welcome to check the Features, Application, Specification, YouTube, Operation manual and CE Certificate of 7798 AZ CO2 Temperature RH Indoor Air Quality Monitor Data Logger as follows
Features :

AZ 7798 CO2 Temperature RH Data logger features:
* Advanced CO2 Logger, your best IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Watcher
* Up to 5333 point memory for each parameter
* 15 degree tilt angle for checking and reading easily
* One key touch to activate the logging mode
* Real time clock and calendar are displayed
* Warning carbon dioxide level from 1000-5000 ppm
* Super large LCD display CO2 value (with good, normal, poor air quality indicator), Year-Month-Date, Hour-Minute, Air Temp. & Relative Humidity
* Max. / Min. Recall Function
* Temperature unit is switchable
* Real time clock is adjustable
* NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) wave guide tech
* CO2 automatic background calibration (called ABC) for Long time drift compensation
* Bright LED visible indicate power is on
* Audible alarm warns CO2 Air Quality is poor
* Monitoring residential, commercial and home air quality
* Easy to connect with PC for data download

Application :

Application of AZ 7798 CO2 Data logger:
The 7798 AZ indoor air quality data logger could measure the indoor air quality, CO2 value, air temperature and humidity. It also could display the real time clock and calendar, so the 7798 could be your best IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Watcher.

Poor indoor air quaintly is considered unhealthy because it causes tiredness, loss of ability to concentrate, and even illness (ex: sick building syndrome). IAQ monitoring and survey, especially on CO2 level and air ventilation become widely applied in public areas such as office, classroom, factory, hospital, work space, residential, commercial building and hotels. It is also suggested in regulations of industrial hygiene in some countries.

The 7798 AZ CO2 Temperature RH Recorder has a super big LCD, which could be use as the CO2 data logger and the real time monitor of air quality index in all work space, office, hospital, school, station or home. The CO2 concentration data could be downloaded to the PC via the USB cable.

AZ 7798 CO2 & Temperature & Relative Humidity Data logger was being designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced manufacturer for Environmental Measuring Instrument.

Specification :

Specification of AZ 7798 CO2 indoor air quality monitoring equipment:

Model 7798
CO2 Range 0~9999 ppm
(2001~9999 ppm out of scale range)
CO2 Resolution 1 ppm
CO2 Accuracy ±50 ppm ±5% of reading (0~2000 ppm),
other range are not specified
CO2 Response Time <2 mins (90% step change)
CO2 Warm-up Time 30 Seconds
Air Temperature Range -10~60℃, 14~140℉
Air Temperature Resolution 0.1℃, 0.1℉
Air Temperature Accuracy ±0.6℃, ±0.9℉
Air Temperature Response Time <2 mins (90% step change)
Humidity Range 0.1~99.9% RH
Humidity Resolution 0.1% RH
Humidity Accuracy ±3%RH (at 25℃, 10~90%RH);
others ±5%RH
Humidity Response Time <10 mins (90% step change)
Sampling point 15999 points (5333 points for each parameter)
Sampling rate 1 sec to 4 hr 59 mins 59 sec
LCD Size 60(H)*82(W)mm
Meter Size 120(Diameter) * 80(Depth)mm
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Operating RH% 5~80% RH (avoid condensation)
Storage Temperature -20~50℃
Storage RH% 5~90% RH (avoid condensation)
Power Supply 5V DC Adaptor (±10%), ≧500 mA
Weight ~200g
Standard Package Meter, Manual, 5V Universal Adaptor,
Plain Box, Software CD & Cable

Youtube :

AZ CO2 meters are your reliable choices to measure CO2 in the air

Download :

Welcome to download and check the specification, operation manual and CE certificate of AZ 7798 CO2 Temperature RH Data logger from below link.

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