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Remote Fan
8912 AZ BTU Anemometer+RH%

AZ 8912 BTU Wind Speed Meter with RH% features:
* Remote vane with built-in sensor
* Temp. / Dew Point / RH% / Wet Bulb / Air Velocity / Air volume & Capacity (BTU capacity measurement)
* Quick to get Dew Point & Wet Bulb in seconds
* USB interface link to PC


Application of 8912 AZ British Thermal Unit Air Flow Measuring Devices:
The 8912 AZ wind speed meter has the remote fan to measure the Air Speed, Air Velocity, Air Volume, BTU capacity measurement, Temp., Humidity, dew point and wet bulb temperature.

The BTU is the short for British Thermal Unit, which is a basic measure of thermal (heat) energy. One BTU is the amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.

The sensor of 8912 AZ Anemo Psychrometer is built in the remote fan and is specially protected by rotate cap. User could turn on the cap before operation, and then get the accurate temperature and humidity reading.

The 8912 AZ Anemometer is the best choice as the wind speed monitoring device in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigerating) or industrial related application.

The 8912 AZ Anemometer was being designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced manufacturer for Environmental Measuring Instrument.

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Specification of 8912 Anemometer + RH % + BTU:

Model 8912
Wind Speed Range 0.6~32 m/s
Wind Speed Accuracy ±(2% of reading+0.2 m/s)
Air Temperature Range -20~60℃
Air Temperature Resolution 0.1℃, 0.1℉
Air Temperature Accuracy ±0.6℃
Air RH% Range 0%~100%RH
Air RH% Resolution 0.1%RH
Air RH% Accuracy ±3%RH (at 25℃ 10~90%RH, others ±5%RH)
Temperature Response Time 60 seconds (typical)
Air RH% Response Time 60 seconds (typical)
LCD Update Every second
Wet Bulb Temp. Display -22~70℃
Dew Point Temp. Display -68~70℃
Air Volume Display 0~99999 m3/minute
Air Volume Resolution 0.1 (0~9999.9) or 1 (10000~99999)
LCD Size 44(L) * 26(W) mm
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Operating RH% Humidity <80%
Storage Temperature -10~50℃
Storage RH% Humidity <90%
BTU Capacity YES
Size Meter: 175(L) * 70(W) * 33(H) mm
Vane: 170(L) * 77(W) * 40(H) mm
Weight ~170g
Battery AAA*4 PCS or 9V DC Adaptor
Optional Accessory Replacement Vane Probe / Software Kit
Standard Package Meter, Vane Probe, Batteries, Manual, Hard Carry Case
Welcome to download and check the specification, operation manual and CE certificate of 8912 AZ handheld wind speed monitor from the following website linkage.
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