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82012 AZ Economic 1 PSI Differential Pressure Meter

82012 AZ 1 psi Economic Digital Manometer features:
* Portable digital gauge/differential pressure meter
* 99 points manual memories with review function
* Hold function, Maximum / Minimum, Low battery indicator
* Display pressure change from baseline
* Over-range indication with error messages
* Blue backlight function for dark area
* Auto power off disablement
* 11 units for selection (metric, imperial)
* Accumulative time shows in recording period
* PC interface available for real time download
* 2 size metal lug available: 4 mm & 8 mm


Application of 82012 AZ 1 psi Economic Digital Manometer:
The 82012 AZ Digital Manometer can be operated by the batteries, which could be help user to measure the air differential pressure easily. The LCD of this manometer is divided into two distinct section, the large Primary screen would show the air pressure value, and the small bottom screens would show the relative clock.

The 82012 AZ Differential Pressure Meter could measure the gauge pressure with reference to ambient pressure or differential pressure between pressures. It is the ideal tool for HVAC/R technicians measuring pressure level, medical equipment, computer peripherals and pneumatic controls.

There are 11 pressure units could be selected for imperial and metric with 82012 AZ Gauge Pressure Meter, including the psi, kPa, mmHg, Kg/cm2, mbar(hpa), bar, inH2O, mmH2O, inHg, ftH2O and Oz/inch2, which could be applied for Pharmaceutical, Chemical/Petrochemical, Food and Power Industry.

The 82012 1 psi Economic Digital Manometer is designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced manufacturer for Environmental Measuring Instrument.

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Specification of 82012 AZ 1 psi Economic Digital Manometer:

Model 82012
psi Range (Resolution) ±1.000 (0.001)
kPa Range (Resolution) ±6.89(0.01)
mmHg Range (Resolution) ±51.7 (0.1)
Kg/cm2 Range (Resolution) ±0.070 (0.001)
mbar (hpa) Range (Resolution) ±68.9 (0.1)
bar Range (Resolution) ±0.069 (0.001)
inH2O Range (Resolution) ±27.68 (0.01)
mmH2O Range (Resolution) ±703 (1)
inHg Range (Resolution) ±2.036 (0.001)
ftH2O Range (Resolution) ±2.307 (0.001)
oz/inch2 Range (Resolution) ±16.00 (0.01)
Accuracy (10~30℃) ±1.0% of full scale
Response Time 0.5 second
Compensated Temperature Range 10~30℃
LCD Size 54(L) * 32.5(W) mm
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Operating RH% Humidity <80%
Storage Temperature -20~50℃
Storage RH% Humidity <90%
Meter Size 169(L) * 78.3(W) * 34.4(H) mm
Weight ~200g
Battery 6 PCS AAA batteries
Standard Package Meter, Battery, Manual,
Connection Hose, Hard Carry Case
Welcome to download and check the specification, operation manual and CE certificate of 82012 AZ 1 psi Economic Digital Manometer from the following website linkage.