8928 AZ

Sound Level Meter

Welcome to check the Features, Application, Specification of 8928 AZ Digital Economic Noise Sound Level dB Meter as follows

8928 AZ Sound Level Meter features:
* The most cost-effective best selling meter
* Features with digital display and analog bar graph
* Auto/manual range, 4 measurement range in 10 steps
* Max Hold and Fast/Slow response is switchable
* Easy to calibrate by standard calibrator
* A/C weighting is switchable
* Analog output


Application of 8928 AZ Noise Tester:
The 8928 AZ Sound Level Meter provides automatic or manual range in 4 measurement ranges from 40 to 130 dB, and features 0.1 dB resolution.

The 8928 AZ Noise dB Meter allows user to select between fast and slow response times as well as A&C weighting. A maximum hold function is provided. Jacks on the meter provide AC analog output.

The portable 8928 AZ Noise Level Meter can be used for acoustic (sound that travels through air) measurements, which had been widely used in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and industrial related application.

The Digital 8928 AZ Decibel Sound Test Meter was being designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced manufacturer for Environmental Measuring Instrument.


Specification of 8928 AZ Sound Level Meter:

Model 8928
Measure Range A weight: 40~130 dB
C weight: 45~130 dB
Digital Display (4 ranges) 40~70, 60~90, 80~110, 100~130 dB
Digital Display Resolution 0.1 dB
Digital Updating Time 160 ms
Quasi-analog Bar (6 ranges) 40~70, 60~90, 80~110, 100~130 dB
Quasi-analog Resolution 1 dB
Bar Updating Time 40 ms
Accuracy at 94 dB, 1KHz ±2 dB
Analog Output AC 0.707 Vrms (at full scale): DC 10 mV/dB
Microphone Dia 6mm electric condenser microphone
Frequency Range 31.5 Hz~8 KHz
Battery Life Time 60 hours typical
Windscreen YES
LCD Size 35(L) * 30(W) mm
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Operating RH% Humidity <80%
Storage Temperature -20~50℃
Storage RH% Humidity <90%
Meter Size 230(L) * 57(W) * 44(H) mm
Weight ~130g
Battery AAA Battery * 4 PCS
Standard Package Meter, Battery, Manual, Paper Box