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8803 AZ Dual Channel K Type Thermocouple Thermometer

8803 AZ K Type Thermocouple Thermometer features:
* Fashion design and the most popular & fast K type thermocouple measuring meter
* Big LCD for easy reading
* LCD updates every one second
* Max/Min temperature record checking
* Hold function to freeze the real time temperature data
* Dual K thermocouple channels input
* T1, T2 and T1-T2 (differential temperature between two origins)could be check
* Temperature unit ℃/℉could be selected
* Sleep mode to save battery life, it also could be turn off


Application of 8803 AZ Thermocouple Thermometer:
The 8803 Thermocouple Thermometer can measure the temperature from -50~1300℃ via the K type thermocouple temperature sensor. It has the two channels dual input of K thermocouple.

The 8803 Thermocouple Temperature Meter display the temperature of the thermocouple connected to the selected input. The display would show T1 input, T2 input and differential temperature between two thermocouples in turn.

The 8803 AZ Thermocouple Temperature Meter is the ideal tool as the temperature monitoring and controlling for LAB, Biochemistry, HVAC/R, Construction or other Industry applications.

The 8803 AZ Thermocouple Thermo Meter is designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced manufacturer for Environmental Measuring Instrument.

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Specification of 8803 AZ Thermocouple Thermo Meter:

Model 8803
K Temperature Range -50~1300℃
K Temperature Accuracy -50~1000℃:±(0.3% rdg+1℃), 1000~1300℃:±(0.5% rdg+1℃)
-58~1800℉:±(0.3% rdg+2℉), 1800~2000℉:±(0.5% rdg+2℉)
K Temperature Resolution -200~650℃: 0.1℃, 640~1370℃: 1℃
-328~1000℉: 0.1℉, 990~2498℉: 1℉
Sampling Rate 2.5 times per seconds
LCD Size 42(L) * 37(W) mm
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Operating RH% Humidity <80%
Storage Temperature -20~50℃
Storage RH% Humidity <90%
Meter Size 180(L) * 67(W) * 30(H) mm
Weight ~110g
Battery 9V * 1 PC
Standard Package Meter, K bead thermocouple, Battery, Manual
Optional Accessory K type thermocouple (custom made thermocouple
is available upon request)
Welcome to download and check the specification, operation manual and CE certificate of 8803 AZ 2 Channels Thermocouple Thermo Meter from the following website linkage.
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