86023 AZ EB

Economic Optical DO Meter

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86023 AZ DO Meter with Fluorescent Optical DO Probe features:
* Great for low maintenance D.O. measuring work
* Remain accuracy in low oxygen range and won’t be affected by acid gases
* No polarization time and no probe maintenance work
* Big LCD with D.O. & Temperature display
* Selectable % and mg/L unit for D.O. Value
* °C/°F automatic temperature compensation built-in
* Manual salinity and manual pressure compensation
*2 points D.O.calibration available


Application of 86023 AZ Fluorescent Optical DO Meter:
The 86023 AZ Fluorescent Optical DO Meter's accuracy in low oxygen environments and resistance to acid gases make it particularly appealing for businesses seeking reliable and user-friendly monitoring solutions. 86023 AZ Optical DO Meter's large LCD display, temperature compensation, and calibration features enhance its practicality.

The 86023 AZ Fluorescent Optical DO Meter's low maintenance design renders it a versatile tool for various industries.

•  Aquaculture: The 86023 AZ Optical DO Meter ensures optimal conditions for fish and other aquatic organisms, with fisheries and aquaculture farms using it to maintain the health of aquatic life.

•  Environmental Monitoring: The 86023 AZ Optical DO Meter is used for measuring dissolved oxygen in rivers, lakes, and oceans to assess water quality.

•  Pharmaceuticals: In bioreactors, precise DO control is necessary for cell culture growth.

•  Food and Beverage Companies: Especially important for those involved in brewing beer or fermenting other products.

•  Wastewater Treatment: The 86023 AZ Optical DO Meter monitors the DO value during the treatment process, which is crucial for the breakdown of biological waste.

•  Brewing and Fermentation: The 86023 AZ Optical DO Meter controls oxygen levels during fermentation, affecting the taste and quality of the final product.

The 86023 Fluorescent Optical DO Meter was being designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced manufacturer of water measuirng instrument.


Specification of 86023 AZ DO Meter with Fluorescent Optical DO Probe:

Model 86023
DO Measuring Range 0.0%~200.0%
DO Accuracy of % Scale ±3% of Full Sacle
DO Resolution 0.1%
DO Measuring Range 0.0 mg/L~20.0 mg/L
DO Accuracy <5mg/L: ±0.3 mg/L
5~20 mg/L: ±0.4 mg/L
DO Resolution 0.1 mg/L
Temperature Measuring Range 0~40.0℃ (32~104°F)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃ (0.9)°F
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
Auto Temp. Compensation 0.0~40.0℃ (32~104°F)
Manual Compensation Included
Salinity Adjustable Range 0.0~55.0 ppt
Salinity Resolution 0.1 ppt
Barometric Pressure Manual Compensation
50.0~115.0 Kpa
Barometric Pressure Resolution 0.1 Kpa
DO Calibration Points 0.0% and 100%
LCD Size 54 (L)*32.5 (W) mm
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Operating RH% Humidity <85%
Storage Temperature 0~50℃
Storage RH% Humidity <80%
Sensor Life Time >1 year (with good maintenance)
Meter Size 169(L) * 78.3(W) * 43.4(H) mm
Weight ~400g
Battery AAA *6 PCS
Power Consumption 10 hours operation
Standard Package Meter /D.O. Probe/6pcs AAA batteries/
Hard carry case/Manual
Welcome to learn more about the 86023 AZ DO Meter with Fluorescent Optical DO Probe from the following product introduction video via YouTube.

86023 AZ DO Meter with Fluorescent Optical DO Probe operation video