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Our company is a well-known manufacturer of premium grade pH/COND./SALT/TDS/DO Meter in Taiwan. AZ Instrument Corp.'s team is second to none. With our extensive experience, we have successfully attained a remarkable position in the market. Furthermore, our knowledge, energy, and passion ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for your customers. We wish to create win-win relationships throughout the supply chain. It is our pleasure to service your pH/COND./SALT/TDS/DO Meter needs. AZ Instrument Corp. is committed to providing quality 84051 AZ, pH/COND./SALT/TDS/DO Meter to our customers. You should receive a response within 24 hours. If you have any special requests or are looking for an item you could not find, please fill out the Contact Us form and it will be forwarded to the correct department.
84051 AZ Combo Water Meter-pH/COND./SALT/TDS/D.O

84051 AZ


Welcome to check the Features, Application, Specification, YouTube, of 84051 AZ Combo Water Multiparameter DO Meter-pH/ COND./ SALT/ TDS as follows
Features :

84051 AZ Combo Water Meter-pH/COND./SALT/TDS/D.O features:
* Large LCD to display multiple parameters in turns:
pH, Conductivity or TDS or Salinity, Dissolved oxygen, Temperature (by using different probes)
* Displayed parameter is decided by probe type
* Green backlight for dark environment
* Fast measuring of dissolved oxygen value
* Accurate replaceable probes with anti-collision cap
* Auto ranging for conductivity measurement
* Auto temperature compensation (ATC)
* 99 points memories w/recall function
* Multiple points calibration: 3 points for pH, 1 point for D.O., 4 points for conductivity
* Manually altitude and salinity compensation function for D.O. measurement
* Easy replacement probes
* Temperature unit ℃/℉ is switchable
* 1 hour auto power off
* Excellent to use in fresh or sea water aqua farm

Application :

Application of 84051 AZ Combo Water Meter-pH / Conductivity / SALT / TDS / D.O:
The 84051 Combo Water Testing Meter can measure the pH, Conductivity or TDS or Salinity and Dissolved oxygen depend on which kind of probe attach to the meter. So the 84051 Multiple Parameters Water Testers could be operated as the pH meter, conductivity meter, TDS meter, Salinity meter or D.O. meter as user needed.

User could change the probe or screw on the 84051 Combo Water Quality Measuring Instrument easily. And in order to avoid broken by the stone or particle attacking in the measuring environment, we have developed the specific anti-collision cap on each probe. So the 84051 Combo Water Testing Meter would be the best tool for all professional measuring purposes, including the Aquaculture, Aqua farm, LAB, swimming pool or water treatment business, or other related industry, no matter the fresh or sea water.

The 84051 AZ Combo Water Meter-pH / Conductivity / SALT / TDS / D.O has the back light function, which could help user to operate the measurement in the dark area.

AZ 84051 Combo Water Meter- pH/Conductivity/Salt/TDS/D.O was being designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced manufacturer for Environmental Measuring Instrument.

Specification :

Specification of 84051 AZ Combo Water Meter-pH / Conductivity / SALT / TDS / D.O:

Model 84051
pH Measuring Range 2.00~12.00
pH Resolution 0.01
pH Accuracy ±0.1
Conductivity Measuring Range 0~199.9, 0~1999 us/cm
 0~19.99, 0~150.0 ms/cm 
Conductivity Resolution 0.1 us/cm, 1 us/cm, 0.01ms/cm, 0.1 ms/cm
Conductivity Accuracy ±1% of F.S ±1 digit
TDS Measuring Range 0~199.9*f, 0~1999*f ppm
0~19.99*f, 0~150.0*f ppt
(f is TDS factor)
TDS Resolution ±1% of F.S ±1 digit
TDS Accuracy 0.1, 1ppm, 0.01, 0.1ppt
TDS Factor 0.30~1.00
Salinity Measuring Range 0~10.00 ppt, 0~42.0 ppt (SEA Water)
Salinity Resolution 0.01 ppt, 0.1 ppt
Salinity Accuracy ±1% of F.S ±1 digit
D.O. Measuring Range 0.0~199.9% (0.0~30.0 mg/L)
D.O. Resolution 0.1
D.O. Accuracy ±3% of F.S ±1 digit
Temperature Measuring Range -5~60.0℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃
Compatible Probe pH probe (863PAZ), EC probe(833PAZ), D.O. Probe (843PAZ)
LCD Size 44(L) * 26(W) mm
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Operating RH% Humidity <80%
Storage Temperature 0~60℃
Storage RH% Humidity <90%
Meter Size 175(L) * 70(W) * 33(H)mm
Weight ~200g
Battery AAA battery *4 PCS
Standard Package Meter, Battery, Manual, Hard Carry Case
Standard Probe pH probe, Conductivity Probe, D.O. Probe,
D.O. Electrolyte, 2 membrane Set, Cable Clip
(User can decide which probe to be included as standard)

Youtube :

Welcome to learn more about the 84051 AZ Combo Water Meter-pH / Conductivity / SALT / TDS / D.O from the following product introduction video via YouTube.

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