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8008 AZ Pocket Size 2 in 1 Digital Tachometer

8008 AZ Pocket Size 2 in 1 Digital tachometer features:
* Lowest cost contact and non-contact 2 in 1 combo tachometer in the market
* Two ways to power on/off
* Simple three steps to transform from contact to non-contact tachometer
* Non-contact measurement by red LED beam
* Contact rotating object via convex or concave contact tips
* Measure RPM from 10 to 99999 RPM
* Auto range function
* Affix a reflective tape to the rotating element to measure
* Four rotation speed units are switchable in contact mode: rpm, m/min, ft/min, yd/min
* Non-Sleep mode & hold function
* Auto power off after 20 mins inactivity
* Low battery indicator


Application of 8008 AZ Digital Contact / LED Non-contact Combo Tachometer:
The 8008 AZ RPM meter (RPM: Revolutions Per Minute), which has tow way to measure the rotation speed of a shaft, including the motor, truck, machine, engine, automobile, vehicle industry.

The hand held 8008 AZ tachometer has the read LED beam as the non-contact infrared tachometer and it also can contact the rotating object (ex: spare wheels) directly via the convex or concave contact tips.

The portable 8008 AZ Combo Tachometer was being designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced manufacturer for Environmental Measuring Instrument.

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Specification of 8008 AZ Digital Contact / LED Non-contact Combo Tachometer:

Model 8008
Non-Contact Rotation Measuring Range 10.0~99999 RPM
Contact Rotation Measuring Range 10.0~19999 RPM
Contact Surface Speed Measuring Range 1.0000~9999.9 M/Min
3.0000~30000 Ft/Min
1.0000~10000 Yd/Min
RPM Unit Resolution 0.001/0.01/0.1/1
M/Min Unit Resolution 0.0001/0.001/0.01/0.1
Ft/Min Unit Resolution 0.0001/0.001/0.01/0.1
Yd/Min Unit Resolution 0.0001/0.001/0.01/0.1
Accuracy ±(0.1% of rdg. +2 digit)
Measure Distance 5~30 cm (non-contact)
Power Consumption 5uA (Idle), 18 mA (measurement)
Time base 4.0 Mhz Quartz Crystal
Sampling time 1 second (>60 RPM)
>1 second (10~60 RPM)
LCD Size 33(L) * 15(W) mm
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Operating RH% Humidity <80%
Storage Temperature -10~50℃
Storage RH% Humidity <90%
Meter Size 165(L) * 51(W) * 32(H) mm
Weight ~90g
Battery 9V battery *1 PC
Standard Package Meter, Battery, Manual, Paper Box,
Reflective Tape, Convex Tip, Concave Tip
Welcome to download and check the specification, operation manual and CE certificate of 8008 AZ Pocket Size 2 in 1 Digital Tachometer from the following website linkage.
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