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8822 AZ IP67 HACCP Pt100 Thermometer with memory

AZ 8822 IP67 HACCP Thermometer with Pt100 sensor features:
* Rigid housing design and the most accurate Pt100 probe
* High accuracy ±0.15℃ & 0.01 ℃resolution for full range
* Unique plug & play pre-calibrated Pt100 IP67 probe
* 2 times data updating in 1 second time interval
* Complete set IP67 waterproof and washable in washing machine
* Follow HACCP principle to check food safety
* Green/Red dual color backlight to indicate temperature hazards
* Countdown timer function, Hold function, Non sleep mode included
* One touch to display temperature change from baseline
* Super big LCD for easy reading
* Max./Min. reading display
* Temperature high alarm threshold programmable
* 99 points data records with review


Application of 8822 AZ digital RTD thermal thermometer:
The Portable 8822 AZ IP67 water proof RTD Meter can measure the temperature from -100~300℃. Its RTD Pt100 temperature probe could response quickly and show the data in 1 second time interval.

The complete set IP 67 waterproof function of 8822 AZ Temperature Meter could let user wash by hand or washing machine. The 8822 AZ RTD Thermometer also manufacture by following the HACCP principle to check food safety. So it could be your best tool as the kitchen thermometer or other food processing industry. It has the 99 points data records with review function, which could help user to monitor and track during the measurement.

The 8822 AZ Instrument with Pt 100 temperature probe, it has the green/red dual color backlight to indicate temperature hazards. User could check the temperature change easily.

The Digital 8822 AZ RTD Kitchen Thermometer was being designed and manufactured by AZ Instrument, a well experienced thermometer manufacturer.

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Specification of 8822 AZ digital RTD Thermometer:

Model 8822
Measure Range -100.00~300.00℃ (-148.00~572.00°F)
Temperature Resolution 0.01℃, 0.01℉
Temperature Accuracy ±0.15℃
IP rating IP67
Temperature Response Time 3 mins Typical
LCD Update Time Every Second
LCD Size 54(L) * 32.5(W) mm
Probe Size Length: 150 mm, Diameter: 3.2 mm
Handle Length: 100 mm, Cable Length: 1100 mm
Probe Weight ~50g
Operating Temperature 10~35℃
Operating RH% Humidity <80%
Storage Temperature -20~50℃
Storage RH% Humidity <90%
Meter Size 169(L) * 78.3(W) * 34.4(H) mm
Weight ~200g
Battery AAA Battery * 6 PCS
Standard Package Meter, RTD (Pt) Probe, Stainless Holder,
Battery, Manual, Hard Carry Case
Optional Accessory Custom Made RTD Probes are available upon request
Welcome to learn more about the Digital 8822 IP67 HACCP RTD Thermometer from the following product introduction video via YouTube.
Welcome to download and check the specification, operation manual and CE certificate of Digital 8822 IP67 HACCP Thermometer with RTD Temperature Sensor from the following website linkage.
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